Why Ferrovault?

Privately Owned

24H Security

Personalised Service

Ferrovault Safe Deposit Boxes – Malta

Ferrovaults’s safe deposit facilities are strategically placed in Iklin.

First Privately Owned

Ferrovault is the first privately owned safe deposit box facility in Malta, situated in a discreet location, ensuring security and anonymity. Our vault has 24 hour monitoring and is also protected by advanced and highly sophisticated technologies in order to help keep your valuables safe.

24H Security

Access to the high security vault at Ferrovault is granted after following our security procedures. Our opening times are from Monday to Friday from 10am to 7pm. Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays are closed. Private viewing rooms are available for customer convenience within our vault. The vault is manned by highly trained security professionals in conjunction with a private security company, ensuring round the clock 24 hour security protection.

Personalised Service

Ferrovault is dedicated to delivering a premium personalised service. To guarantee a secure environment for your most treasured and valuable possessions in your own safe deposit box you can rely on a combination of the best security technology and the best professional attention delivered by our highly-trained staff. Every client is guaranteed absolute privacy and discretion.

Surpasses Bank Standards

Many Major Banks are no longer offering safe deposit box services to their customers, yet now more than ever companies and individuals need to secure valued possessions. Domestic burglary rates have risen in Malta over the last few years, it is therefore, becoming increasingly important to keep valuables safe and ultimately to have peace of mind. Unlike banks, we also offer customers complimentary insurance cover of up to €10,000 when you rent a safe deposit box with us.

Protect the irreplaceable

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