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Ferrovault has been providing bespoke asset security for influential corporates and individuals. Our state-of-the-art security is made up of a multi-faceted system to keep your jewelry, documents, gold, diamonds, art, and other priceless valuables, protected.

Multi-tiered military approach

With Multi-tiered military approach to security with CEN compliance, 24/7 off-site surveillance and biometrics. Ferrovault’s security services is based upon different layers of security, for optimal defense:

Human securtity

The human level refers to the professional security staff, trained at the highest civilian level and which underwent special training by the Pincott Security and operated by Kavallier Security Services Ltd

Physical securtity

Physical security layer of security is the vault that stands up to the most extreme requirements of the top EU Standards Institutes.


The technological level is based upon a wide range of identification and monitoring tools, sensors, cameras, and smart identification protocols.

(CCTV,Fingerprint ScannersSeismic Detection, Dual Key Systems,UL listed Vault Doors,Professional Security Guards With Armed Response,Ak47 Bulletproof Glass facilities)

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