Our security system is proudly engineered, developed and provided by Pincott Security and operated by Kavallier Security Services Ltd.

Pincott Security with over 38 years experience in the field of security, enables customers to enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that the property they value is protected. With  a reputation for excellence built on their main core values of quality, reliability and innovation our partnership with Pincott Security guarantee the safety our Facility, partners and customers.

Our security is enriched by our collaboration with Kavallier Security services ltd who manage our vault operations.

Founded twelve years ago with the contribution of Claudio Spiteri former commanding officer of the AFM’s Air Wing, considered as an institution in the whole Island of Malta in his sector, and a whole life dedicated to the security services and consultancy both for private and public entities, today, more than a decade after Kavallier security takes pride in its strong record of protecting financial institutions, commercial businesses, and homes around the country.

Pincott Security’s corporate philosophy is based on two pillars: unrivalled protection and unfailing vigilance, forging partnerships with security device manufacturers who share these qualities. Pincott Security therefore caters for security in all its forms, supplying alarm systems, safes, automatic gates, security doors, intercoms, fire alarms, strong-room doors and even custom designed strong-rooms.

Our collaboration with Pincott Security Ltd in setting up the Ferrovault Safe Deposit Box Facility has provided us not only with security but also solidity and customer trust which we could only achieve in decades of experience.Pincott Security Ltd has shared with us part of its history to help us make history in the field of Safe Deposit Box facilities in Malta

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